Who I am

As a little girl, I (Ilse ten Broeke) often found myself in my own magical fantasy world. I made dolls out of socks and pretended they were real fairies and believed that friendly gnomes lived in the forest I often went to as a kid. I have made complete cardboard houses just in case one of them got lost and found it's way to our house. I even wanted to become a mermaid!
Unfortunatally I didn't become a mermaid but I didn't give up dreaming. 
With my imaginative mind I have been creating and working with my hands ever since I was a little girl. Sculpting, drawing, painting. With much support from friends and family Maskarada - Masks & More was born. Now I can still dream about magical things and be creative!


What I Do

Maskarada - Masks & More makes wearable masks, horns and accesories. All my items
are hand made and therefore unique. I do not use casting molds but sculpt every items
by hand with the same love and attention. What makes it extra special to wear them. 

My work can be used for different purposes: 

- Film and theater 
In the past I have been approached to make items for film/video/theater.
Are you a performer or filmmaker? Please feel free to contact me to see if I can contribute
to your project.

- Photo Shoots 
When you are missing that one element in the picture, I give you the opportunity to fill this void.

- Costume addition 
Have you been to a fantasy fair? Then you have probably already seen all these beautiful costumes. 
Let me help you, making your costume complete!

- Art
You do not have to wear my work. You can also display it as an art piece!
I have exhibited my work at several exhibitions since 2013. 



Whether it's a mask, a set of horns or perhaps a crown I would love to help you realize your ideas.

If you would like to see if I can make your Maskarada dream come true , please fill out the contact form on 
the contact page. Let me know what you are looking for and I will get back to you as soon as possible..

One important note, I can't replicate excisting designs. I can re-create previously created designs for you, but because I do not use molds while making my items there will always be small visible differences.


General Terms and Conditions

Before ordering please make sure you read these