Q: What's a Maskarada item made of?
A: I get this question a lot. My first answer would be fairydust and moonshine. As an artist I'd like to be a mysterious. ;)

Q: I'm a model / photographer / stylist / performer, can we work together?
A: I'm limited available for this, but you can always ask! Please contact me with all info and links to portfolio and I'll let you know. I'm unfortunately not available for sponsoring.  

Q: Is there a possibility to attend a workshop given by you?
A: I feel very honored when such questions appear in my mailbox. Unfortunately I currently don't have the space or resources to give workshops. 

Q: Can I use Maskarada - Masks & More material for own use?
A: Maskarada - Masks & More makes original designs, which are the intellectual property of Ilse ten Broeke, owner and artist of Maskarada - Masks & More. It is not allowed to copy the designs of Maskarada - Masks & More or use  ©Maskarada images for own commercial or promotional use whithout permission. 

It IS allowed to use the items of Maskarada - Masks & More in a photoshoot or other promotional materials when it's goal isn't to make any profit out of it, as long as nowhere is suggested that the deigns belong to someone other than Maskarada - Masks & More, Ilse ten Broeke.
If you use Maskarada items for performances / photoshoots I would LOVE to see your Maska-look!

Q: How long will a requested commission take for you to make?
A: I've had a few customers in the past who didn't really understand that creating art is a delicate thing. If you ask me to make you a mask, crown or set of horns for example, don't expect it to be finished in a few days. 
Please know that an artist has to get the right vibes in order to make your request magnificent. I will always keep you updated on the progress and with a little patience you will recieve an unique Maskarada item that's made with much love and care.

Q: Are your items fragile?
A: All Maskarada items are made from strong materials and provided with a layer of varnish. 
My items will easily survive a downpour, but I highly recommend NOT to immerse Maskarada items in water. (To clean them or do a underwater photoshoot with.) 
Maskarada items are pretty firm, but this does not mean that they are unbreakable. So please love your item and handle them with care. 


Did you know Maskarada has it's own YouTube channel?

On this channel you can see some tutorials on how to put on a set of horns, see what kind of adventures I experience, watch the BTS video's ot photoshoots and more!